Bilbao, Classic & Modern in boat

Discover the changes that the city has undergone to this day from the estuary

Bilbao is a changing city, a sample is the «Industrial Revolution» that made the city change and expanded it, making Bilbao the most important industrial centers in Spain. The 20th century is the time for another new change, the “Urban Revolution”, which transforms the city with a modern and serviceable face, and the 21st century is the time for the “Knowledge Revolution” that will place Bilbao among the most important in Europe.

Discover this wonderful city by navigating the Ría de Bilbao and passing through the evolution of time and the changes to the new century that the Ría and the city have gone through.

The visit ends in the most Bilbao style, we are leaving pintxos !! (pintxo-pote included in the tour). Pintxo is the 5th essence, a snack the size of a bite.


We adapt to all schedules
We propose
10.00 am
11.30 am
12.00 am
4.30 pm
6 pm


Spanish, English, Basque, French, German, Italian, Greek

El precio incluye

Accompanied by an official and local guide
Small groups
Entrance to the most emblematic buildings of the Villa
Taste the traditional pintxo-pote


Gastronomic Tour