Why travel with EXPLORA-NORTE, Travel Designer?

Are you looking for a local tourist services company to help you organize a perfect trip to Euskadi, Basque Country?

Our passion to discover has led us to visit every corner of the Basque Country, which allows us to design different luxury travel programs that capture the essence of each place in a unique and personal way.

We turn destinations into experiences. To do this, we design and organize luxury, unique and experiential experiences for those travelers looking for a different trip, taking maximum care of those small details that make big differences.

We seek exclusivity and personality. All our experiences are custom designed, and around your tastes and expectations.

We do not believe in traveling to travel, but we are committed to offering a unique and unforgettable type of trip, a trip that, beyond the destination, produces sensations and experiences that the trip makes you feel.

Tell us what your dream trip is and let us surprise you.

We want you to breathe and try Euskadi like never before.

Explora-Norte Collection

Euskadi is at your fingertips, experience the magic, color, aromas and flavors of a land full of surprises, traditions and customs. Going through it is a journey back in time, a gastronomic, historical, cultural and visual experience that you cannot miss.. 

Enjoy our collection of unique moments with exclusive services adapted to your tastes and interests.

The luxury of living a unique experience.

Destino Euskadi


We offer day or weekend getaways to get to know new destinations of great interest while meeting people of very different natures, but above all, getaways with guaranteed fun. 

Our excellent group of professional local guides have the experience, dynamics and knowledge to help you enjoy each of the corners in the cities and tourist centers in each place we visit..

Let yourself be seduced by extraordinary places.



Navigate the waters of the Cantabrian Sea aboard a kayak, relax in an exclusive spa with therapeutic treatments, take a ride at sunset in a balloon, taste the local txakoli, among many other activities. 

Where do you want to start?

We have all the activities you can imagine, always with a unique and traditional Basque touch.

Construyendo ideas

Building ideas

Do you have routes created but you don’t know how to get there or do you want us to guide you to create your best trip?

Leave everything in our hands and based on your tastes, your time, hobbies and budget, we will plan the trip of your dreams so that your only concern is to enjoy the trip. We will take care of the planning, while you choose what to pack. Great isn’t it?

Your trip made to measure and just for you.

Travel book

Dream, live and remember

Trips are lived three times, by dreaming it, by making it and by remembering it.

We want to be part of your luxury trip from the beginning offering you, through this space, the inspiration you need to start the adventure.

Leaf through our Travel Book and start dreaming.

We choose your next trip together

Ask us what you need

What the customer says

  • Thank you very much for a wonderful visit to the Guggenheim……your guide Javier is very, very good….his ability to pass on information is incredible……he is very enthusiastic about his work.

    His explanations were clear and concise and he was very to understand…..he is indeed passionate about the large steel structures in the large gallery and he really made them come alive.

    So much better to have a one on one……many, many thanks.

    Ian Austin
  • Perfekte Führung durch das Museum. Kurzweilig und informativ. Wir fühlten uns als Gäste in einer entspannten Atmosphäre, die mehr durch Dialog als durch einen Vortrag geprägt war. Die Führung hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen.

    Louise Franks
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