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Declaration of compliance with customers and measures COVID-19

1. Welcome and information

The client will be received outdoors, delimiting the safety distance to be maintained. You will be offered hydro-alcoholic gel for mandatory hand disinfection.

The client will be consulted on the Covid 19 regulations established by the company. Once these regulations are accepted, your personal data will be taken as a sample of it (name, surname, ID).


2. Distribution of gift or enjoyment of pintxo-pote (always subject to each activity)

Once the activity is finished, the traditional “pintxo-pote” will be offered following the rules established at that time with regard to bars. Please ask the guide for the drinks and he will come in to ask.


3. Collection and dismissal

The collection will preferably be made by bank transfer before the activity.

Finally the guide will say goodbye again offering hydro-alcoholic gel and will say goodbye without any contact.



Hydro-alcoholic gel will be available to the client at all times
Please attend with your own PPE for the activity
The monitor will always carry hydro-alcoholic gel, gloves and a mask

Covid-19 measurements

1. Mandatory hand cleaning

2. Epis available

3. Keep safety distance (2 m) with the guides

4. Preferably payment by bank transfer before the activity

5. It is advisable to book

6. Do not touch more material than assigned

7. Drinks will be asked from the guide

8. Access to the activity will be denied to anyone with symptoms compatible with COVID-19

9. In case of wounds, the cures will be done by the client himself whenever possible, or by the monitor with a mask and gloves, administering to the client a mask which will be compulsory and gloves

10. This regulation will be accepted once the client of their personal data (name, surname and ID) in person and by accepting terms and conditions when the reservation is through the website