About us

We grow up with you

Never go down the path as it leads to where others have been

Alexandre Graham Bell

This famous phrase inspired EXPLORA-NORTE to discover a virgin land to conquer, that of specialization in “long journeys”, exclusive, tailor-made and private, for a traveling public who were looking for different experiences with traditional agencies of the moment.

EXPLORA-NORTE is a small, Premium company, specializing in the creation and design of unique trips around Euskadi and its surroundings.

We have a team of quality consultants specializing in demanding travelers looking for unique and personalized experiences.

Explora-Norte, Déjate guiar! It was born in 2015 due to a growing tourist motivation all over the world, affected by the budget of the traveler, by the need to offer a professional service based on a quality system but at an economical price.

Explora-Norte has evolved from its origins to give a unique identity to the tours with a touch of avant-garde giving a unique experience for our customers knowing the best of the place.


Let yourself be advised by a luxury tour company and live Euskadi in a very special way. Charming tours, the best cultural and adventure experiences, gastronomic routes, luxury getaways.

We are everywhere

We have the mission of becoming the reference company in receptive tourist services for travelers around the Cantabrian, making incredible places known to the most demanding travelers, with imagination and creativity, telling unique and unrepeatable stories.

Smart diversification

What is your dream trip? Explora-Norte will carefully design your exclusive and tailor-made travel experience.


We have specialized in several destinations to guarantee the best service. However, we have «tailored» visits to meet the needs of the visitor.


We offer a personalized service, each client is unique and the only important thing is the client. A new way to travel to fill your trip to Euskadi with unforgettable experiences. Trust a quality agency and discover a unique city like you have never imagined!

Guaranteed warranty

We offer different experiences depending on the profile of the traveler; (families, companies, school groups, associations groups) providing our services in an effective, compliant and decisive way, with the best possible options and, above all, the best guarantee.

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